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Your Life Belongs
To You.

Take It Back.

Life Approach

Healing begins on the inside and works to reveal inner power.

In bringing light to life, the insights gained help you discover how to create the best version of yourself and uncover your inner purpose.  Great leaders grow through personal strengths.  You already have everything you need.  Whether through Heal Your Life sessions or through Executive and Life Coaching, I am here to help you unleash your inner peace and magnificence.


Executive Coaching

Executive coaching focuses on improving the overall effectiveness and confidence that takes leaders to a more impactful and transformational place in the executive realm. This is done through personal transformation.


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Leadership Consulting

Leadership happens when one takes on the responsibility of others in an effort to create a greater good for all.  This level of consulting helps you become the leader who you are meant to be.  No creative methodology, just transforming you in your way.



Heal Your Life Workshops

The energy of life provides us with everything we need.  These workshops help tap in to unleashed energy.  You learn how to release old patterns and gain insights that both heal and create prosperity.


Personal Experiences

Testimonials and Words of Gratitude

"I value the teaching, coaching and mentoring, you have taught me, guided me, and actively been involved in my growth on so many levels.   Even more the insight you have provided me of me, what I am capable of and how I can move forward in certain situations.   The desire is there at times in my head and I feel more motivated to move forward after our sessions to pursue my next step or adventure." KC

“The coaching sessions have touched on every aspect of my life and have helped me to grow as a person in both my professional and personal life.  They have helped me to uncover some personal barriers as well as helped me to take a different approach to how I view people and situations.” SE

"Loretta’s coaching opened my mind by allowing me to see and control triggers in my life that I was not aware of.  Bringing awareness to those triggers, I was able to respond better to those agitators. I became aware of self:  who I am, knowing my worth, believing in me, and knowing my value.  This self-awareness  gave me the power to determine how I responded, not reacted, to situations." DH


851 Lake Carolyn Pkwy #323, Irving TX  75039

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851 Lake Carolyn Pkwy, #323

Iving, TX 75039


Tel: 618-972-7936

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