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It is time to take back your life.  Focusing on external forces to create happiness causes internal stress and heartache.  Living past pains holds us hostage and limits possibilities.  Sitting in uncertainty and negativity prevents energy and blockages stay stagnant.  This is an opportunity to break through!  

~To learn more about Louise Hay's life transforming work, click here.   


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Workshops where dates are listed are available to schedule.  Locations vary from month to month and changes are listed quarterly.  Workshops may be In-person or Virtual and the length and times of workshops are shown. If you are interested in a workshop labeled, "Classes by Request," send a message to request a date.

PRIVATE WORKSHOPS AVAILABLE:  Gather a group of your friends who are like minded and want to prosper.  I can make the workshop one day or two day.  I am also available for portions of your group trips.  Let's talk!

All early registrations for In-person classes (2 weeks prior to start date) receive a hand made natural stone bracelet.

Heal Your Life - Journey to Self Love

1 Day Workshop

Grapevine TX 

9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

June 24, 2023

  • In-person class OR 6 Week Virtual

  • Eliminate self limiting beliefs

  • Release painful pasts and thoughts and ways to reset your thinking

  • Discover your inner power

  • Connect with the inner child

  • Practice Affirmations and visualization techniques

  • Set a plan into motion to manifest your desires

  • Work with forgiveness

  • Work through family issues

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Change Your Thinking - Lose the Weight
By Request

  • 6 Week/2 Hr. Virtual or 4 Week/3-Hr.  In-Person Sessions

  • The first step you must take for success

  • The vital questions to ask regarding eating habits

  • How to make small changes for big results

  • Visualizations that help achieve goals

  • The emotional and spiritual skills you need for achieve the healthy body you want

  • Understanding the science of the power of  thoughts

  • How to create a unique food and exercise plan to fit your lifestyle, with options

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Money and Consciousness


By Request

  • Half or Full Day Workshops available

  • Discover the root cause of your money challenges

  • Understand how your subconscious works

  • Release old limiting beliefs

  • Design your new abundant life with affirmations

  • Learn how to use visualization and the Law of Attraction to create what you want

  • Create your future through connecting with how you think today.

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Ordering from the Cosmic Kitchen

By Request

  • 4-Week Virtual Workshop

  • Discover the eight principles for creating your orders

  • Apply them to career, prosperity, relationships, health, traveling, and housing

  • Learn why the Kitchen sometimes gives you lemons, and what to do when that happens

  • Discover how affirmations plus feelings are the most powerful combination

  • Pre-reading required, book included with workshop - please sign up early to provide time for receipt of book by mail

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