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Services & Programs

Dr. Loretta Tolliver

Certified Executive Coach

Licensed Heal Your Life Leader


  • Coaching to help you grow your business and career and achieve exceptional results

  • Consulting and delivering transformational leadership insights from where you are

  • Heal Your Life and achieve a deeper love of inner self and a transformation in life experiences



   Executive | Leadership | Personal Transformations


Executive coaching focuses on improving the overall effectiveness and confidence that take leaders to a more impactful and transformational place in the executive realm. This is done through personal transformation.

Your life begins with taking charge of your space and creating, building, and celebrating your genuineness. Figure out who you are and become the greatest expression of yourself.


Leadership is where you take the responsibility of others in an effort to create a greater good for all.  This level of consulting helps you become the leader you are meant to be. Your team gets the same contact and communication to help them reach breakthroughs.  No creative methodology, just transforming in your way.


The energy of life provides you with everything you need.  These workshops help you tap into unleashed energy.  You learn how to release old patterns and gain insights that both heal and create prosperity and a life well lived.

Coaching, Consulting, and Workshops

Each offering is individualized based on the needs of leaders.  Heal Your Life Workshops are designed with the transformational teachings of Louise Hay.


Executive Coaching

Individual one-on-one sessions

or grouped sessions at a discount.

Grow at your pace.

Schedule a consultation for more information.

Leadership Consulting

Individual one-on-one sessions

or team sessions available.

Schedule a consultation for more information.

Heal You Life Workshops

You Can Heal Your Life

The Journey to Self Love

Reducing Stress is an Inside Job

Money and Consciousness

Ordering from the Cosmic Kitchen

Say Yes to Your Dreams

Change Your Thinking - Lose the Weight

Visit the Heal Your Life page for information on individual workshops.

Your Life Belongs
To You.

Take It Back.

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